Tuesday, March 8, 2016

second and third performances

Both performances were "open mic nights", and both in coffee houses. I prefer playing in bars since I like tequila better than lattes. However, the advantage of a coffee house is that one of my under-21 musician friends can see me perform.

March 4th I played at the Lush Lounge in Vista, CA. Here is a bad cellphone video of the performance. I can see that I need more practice:

The improvement of this show over my last performance, which you can see in the video, is that I'm now "moving" with the music. In my first show I was so nervous that I remained stiff.

March 5th played at La Costa Coffee Roasting in Carlsbad, CA. This performance went a little better than the night before since I’m getting more experience.

What I learned from this show was not to have the microphone stand too high, since I need to be able to look down to see the guitar. However, it also says I should practice not looking at the guitar more.

From this point out, I'm only going to post performance notes for notable performances, where either I learn something new, or get a great video or photo.

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